Our Story

Jon Price and I are just two craftspeople that see a desperate need for expert work with a friendly face in our local community. We love people but we also love instruments and bows. We understand that musicians are merely caretakers of these fine artifacts and we exist to make that an honorable and respectful process. Feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to talk your ears off about this stuff, we’re kind of fanatics!

Anthony DiMambro
Co-owner, Michigan Strings, LLC


Instrument Rentals

We offer high quality rental instruments with superior tone and playability to those generally found in a typical music store. A high-caliber beginner instrument is paramount in becoming a successful musician.

Instruments and Bows for Sale

In addition to our own personally handcrafted instruments and bows, we have an exclusive collection of hand-selected items sourced from some of the worlds greatest makers and workshops.

Bow Rehairs

Rehair is a regular service of the bow in which the hair is replaced typically twice a year. Each bow rehair must follow a meticulous process to preserve the unique characteristics of the bow and sound quality when played.

Tonal Adjustments

We take the time to carefully listen to your instrument and your concerns. The proper placement of the bridge, soundpost, tailpiece, etc. are key to good tone production. We make it a point to check these parameters and ensure that they are within the proper tolerances when considering the tonal quality and overall health of your instrument.

Restoration and Repair

Restoration practices are of the very highest quality, precision, and craftsmanship, balancing forward thinking with tradition and conservation.

Cases and Accessories

We readily stock most accessories required by working musicians ranging from Rosin, Cases, Shoulder Pads, etc., at reasonable and competitive prices.

We are available by appointment only
Sunday through Friday, 10am to 5pm.